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  Indian Languages : Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarathi, Oriya, Malayalam, Tamil etc      Foreign Languages: French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Norwegian, Korean, Turkish, Italian etc  
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How many words do you translate per day? or what is the turn around capacity?

A translator can translate around 2000 - 2500 words/day based on the subject matter/language pair in question. Depending upon the volume of words we can accommodate the resources and complete the translation task.

What is the procedure you adopt for translation?

We follow the below six steps:-
Step 1. We study the entire project.
Step 2. The the project will be assigned to production incharge.
Step 3. Who in turn assigns the work to translators.
Step 4. After translation, the work will be proofread.
Step 5. The proofread document will be formatted/edited as per the source file.
Step 6. After final QC the document will be delivered to client.

Is your company registered?

Yes, we are a registered company.

Do you provide translators to our premises?

As of now we don't provide any translators to client's premises. We always work from our office.

Do you use any software for translation?

No software can give you translation as it won't understand the context. We use human translation
with online dictionary support.

What are the languages you translate?

We translate all Indian and Foreign languages.

How can I be sure that my confidential or proprietary information will not be disclosed?

We treat every assignment and all information sent to us as strictly confidential, whether you consider it confidential or not. We are always open to sign up an NDA with you.

Do you have native translators?

Yes, we have native translators with linguist degree.

Do you give any volume discount?

Yes, we can always work on with the discount if the volume exceeds 1,00,000 words.


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